This May 2014 Alpha Express/Alpha Logistics celebrates its 8th anniversary. Therefore I wanted to share my thoughts with you about the last 8 years in business.


We all work hard to make a success of our businesses and there is nothing like FREE advertising to get you and your business in people’s thoughts. Back in 2009 The Federation of Small Businesses (Exeter Branch) and Express and Echo newspaper held a competition to find the best small business in Exeter. We entered and won (thanks to everyone that voted for us) best small business for customer service. We received FREE advertising that was seen by all businesses that read the express and echo and all members of the Exeter FSB. Work increased.

When the royal wedding was due to take place we were asked to deliver a hamper full of local produce from local Exeter and East Devon companies to the royal couple. Out of ALL the courier companies we were the only one trusted to deliver. We delivered.

We pride ourselves on offering a first class same day delivery service whether across Exeter or to London, Birmingham, Truro and most other places that can be reached with a dedicated service.


When the media overkill reports on how badly business is going to become and puts the “eeby geebys” into the minds of same day courier users business slows down.

When business slows everything has to be examined to keep the company cost effective. The first thing we did was get rid of the unit we had on marsh Barton and move operations to my conservatory. This was a huge saving.

The next thing was to email invoices rather than send through the post. I admit I felt guilty about doing that due to the amount of workers the post office employ and if everyone did the same as me people would lose their positions. But business is business and we had to survive. This was and still is a huge saving.

I decided not to increase my company rates to customers even though the petrol prices had risen again. This was a wise move and although I suffered the profit loss kept my customer base healthy and work carried on.


One thing I have always done over the last 8 years is try to do business with people face to face. There is nothing better than meeting the people you will be doing business with. I have found the faceless spectre of big business that looks with scorn on small business sometimes difficult to deal with whereas meeting small business owners face to face helps to build trust and one gets the feel as to what the customer requires. I have joined various different networking groups over the years the latest of which is “East Devon Business Initiative” (EDBI). I have built good strong contacts using networking as a business building tool.


I was very slow in adopting the internet as a forceful business tool mainly because I didn’t really understand the potential it offered. Although I did have a web page I paid little attention to it.

At the end of 2013 I decided to revamp the old site and get Alpha on the first page of same day couriers. The new site looks good and has generated a lot of interest and business. Money well spent.


The last 8 years have been good to alpha logistics and i have enjoyed working with businesses delivering their important items same day.

Happy 8th birthday Alpha Express / Alpha Logistics.

Colin Fribbens